Spend time judiciously because time is even more precious than money. Unlike money, time once wasted in life never comes back. But yes, sometimes time actually is money in cash. Like I learnt it the hard way when I missed my flight and had to spend double the amount by re-booking a new flight. That was a clear example for me that time is actually money.

Time management is an art. It’s not something which an individual carries in his/her genes, it’s something which can
be learnt by anyone. But sadly only a few are capable enough to implement it in life. We keep on hearing people that they wanted to do something but they do not have time. It’s all about priorities and time management.

We can save a lot of energy and avoid stressful situations by a proper time management. Specially, when you have a busy schedule and you need to multi-task. A proper planned and managed way of doing things avoids a lot of confusion and last minute hurry. It is applicable anywhere, be it home, office, holiday plans, travel etc.

Here are some time management hacks which can help to lead a happy and successful life:


For an effective management of things, the works needs to be prioritised. The things which are important to be completed should be given a priority to be done first. Mostly, in the process to complete many tasks the important ones are left out. It does include the things that are important but which we ignore. For example doing things which actually make you happy is equally important as completing some other important work in a day. We mostly ignore ourselves in the process to multi-task and end up being stressful; even after doing things as we had planned. So, including your own happiness in the to-do list is very important because only a happy person can spread happiness.

Write Down

Mostly we tend to forget if there are multiple works to be done. For the people who have a packed schedule, writing down the tasks can be very beneficial. The works to be completed can be written down and completed one by one. This helps an individual to keep a track of the tasks to be done and also we do not skip on the important works which can make life a bit easier.

Rise Early

Being an early riser adds some extra active hours in our life. Also, it is good for a healthy body. The early risers get more time for themselves and also with themselves. You get to be close to yourself and do things which you want to do including your hobbies, morning exercises. This adds overall to your physical and mental fitness. It enhances your time management skills in terms of a sane mind in a sane body and also resolves your complain of not getting enough time for yourself.

Take Help

Do not hesitate to take help from the ones around you. Time management does not mean that you have to become a Super-man or Super-women. Effective management of time also includes division of responsibilities. No one is perfect enough to do everything on their own. So, you should not consider it a negative thing to take help from others or to divide responsibilities. For Example: House hold works are not a single person’s responsibility or an assignment at office may involve the help from the other colleagues. It makes the work easier and also adds to your knowledge by knowing other’s viewpoints and ways of doing things.


Time Management is not as tough as it seems. A few days’ efforts help you imbibe this skill in your personality. Once it gets imbibed in your personality, you need not do extra effort to remind yourself to manage things. It becomes something which you do automatically and effortlessly because your mind starts to work in a way to plan things and manage accordingly which is beneficial in the long run.

Time management helps us save time for ourselves. We just need to priortise things and go on accordingly because time is something which cannot be reversed. So, it needs to be spent judicially in things which really matter to us. There is no dearth of time in life to do things we wish to do. If time is managed properly, we can live a life which is profound in terms of fulfilling our desires and achieving our goals.


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