Why am I suffering? We ask ourselves many times when in a situation of distress. We mostly question life at its unfairness and the question “Why ME?”.  While we need to understand that suffering is a part of life. It also has some positives which we mostly ignore.

The days when we are sad and are suffering inside remind us of the things and people whom we ignore in our happy days. The people whom we take for granted, the things and blessings which we mostly ignore and focus on the things which are lacking in our life.

Suffering is important to make us realise that man is a social animal. When we look for the people with whom we can share our feelings, we realise that we need our loved ones. We realise their importance in our life.

Sometimes, when we become too much competitive and ambitious, we tend to focus only on the things which we lack in our life. When we focus too much on something, it too blurs our vision.  In today’s busy life when we become habitual of ignoring our blessings and the things that we have in our life, sufferings help to make us aware of the ground reality. It makes us realise that what we have is better than many others in the world.

Sufferings have an important role to play in our life. Just like day and night have their own roles and importance.  In the day when we become lost in the hustle bustle of the world, the peaceful night brings us close to ourselves and gives us the moments when our conscience speaks to us. The days will not have an importance if the nights were not there. It is because of the night that we wait for the day to start.

In the same way, happiness will lose its flavor if sufferings were not there. Than why should we consider suffering as a negative thing?  Why should we focus only on the deadly part of the night when the night may be deadly as well as peaceful. It all depends on our perception. Than why not to accept sufferings as a challenge and consider it as a part of life?

The understanding that sufferings are not permanent and will soon get over can make our life easier. Acceptance is the key to life. Accept the night with all its positive and negative traits and soon it will be followed by a bright sunrise.


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