We complain about a lot of things in life. But do we ever think if we really have a valid reason to complain? Whether we are complaining just to crib or we really want to find a solution? Most of the people crib about things and happenings in their life but they forget that they are the ones who are in total control of their life, they are the ones stopping themselves from living a life as they expect.

No one but we ourselves hold us back from doing things which we are destined to do because we are too scared to experience the unknown, to bring a change in the life that we have become habitual to live. This is the basic human tendency. But then as the ship is not meant to be at the shore forever but it is meant to sail and explore the sea and have its own experiences. In the same way, life is not meant to be lived as a cycle of events and routine which keep on repeating themselves. We need to find courage to break through this cycle and explore the domains which will bring us true happiness and satisfaction.

The times when we feel alone, lost and distracted are actually the times when we are undergoing a major transformation in our life. But it depends on us how we deal with it, if we take it on a positive note and work towards it or we are too scared to accept a change in life. Life mostly prepares us before bringing a change in our life. Many a times, we remember the incidents when destiny had given us the hints that this was going to happen in our life and how we ignored it at that moment. We realize this later but this unpredictibility is the beauty of life.

Complaining about things can bring a temporary relief by venting out our thoughts and emotions but this is not going to bring any permanent solution. We are the ones who need to take the charge of your life and decide if we just want to complain or work towards finding the solutions to the problems in order to live a blissful life.


PC: Anukampa Sharma (@astralrover_)

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