When we believe in ourselves and our life, do we really get what we lookout for? Does everything come…eventually?

Between the covers is a story of a simple girl. Aarohi. Life is not as simple for her. She is a dreamer and it is some of her dreams which she herself finds weird. While facing heartbreak and finding love with a broken man, Aarohi works hard to achieve the goals she has made in life; sometimes even wondering if they are too high for her. The pursuit of her goals is her destiny; one she has to fulfill. Giving up on Rudra and diligently taking her tough profession, she meets Dr. Aditya Vardhan. .

But was Aditya the man of her dreams?

Did she understand what destiny was trying to tell her through her dreams?

Was she ever able to get over Rudra?

Were her efforts enough to bring success?

Was she The Girl Who Saw It All….?