Does my kind of love really exist? I often wondered. The heart always searched and mind thought about it. What exactly do you want? My mind often asked my heart and then there was a blank feeling as if I myself did not know what I actually wanted.

Everyone has their own feeling about their kind of love. But do we really look for our kind of love or we often try to find the perfectness in the other person as per our own criteria. Many of us face this issue and we often try to dig into ourselves to find the void that we feel with the inquisitiveness to know what your soul craves for.
But then a time comes when we learn to look beyond our own mind and our idea about the kind of love we look for. There comes an understanding that the love is not conditional. There comes a realization and we no more try to fit the other person into the frame of our expectations. The perfectness we look for sometimes blindfolds our mind and heart so badly that we overlook the love around us and all the positives in it because we focus too much on the perfectness of our kind of love.

This realization may come sooner or later that the love you look for is already with you and around you. He/she may not be someone who pampers you with gifts but his/her eyes shine when you are happy. He may not be a handsome hunk as you thought but has a beautiful heart. He may not shower you with all the praises but feels it  an accomplishment when he makes you smile. They may fight with you over petty issues but you will always find them by your side in the time of need. The one who will not let you have a single peaceful moment when around but their absence makes life lose its flavor. The one who makes you feel that everything is going to be alright if he/she is around.

We need to realize that our kind of love is not the one that is there in our mind, it’s there in the outside world, in the person who is imperfect just the way we are not perfect. When you will look at this kind of love with an open heart with a feeling to accept it unconditionally along-with its  imperfectness, you will be surprised to find that your kind of love was always there with you or around you.


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