It was Sunday, I was sitting in my balcony sipping my early morning green tea. The peaceful mornings with a cup of  green tea in my hand is one of my favorite times of the day. And it was Sunday too. So, this was a more relaxed one.

I was enjoying the serene view of the cloudy sky when some kids walking on the mother earth caught my glance. One of them was my neighbor’s kid. “Where are they going with their school bags on Sunday?” I thought.

“The school is taking extra classes on Sunday” his mother had told me a few days back.

“Extra classes for a 5th standard student?” I had asked with a shocked expression.

“What kind of world are we living in?” I thought looking downwards at the kids from my sixth floor balcony.

We are living in a world where everyone is running a race, a race to exceed. But if you ask anyone what is this race all about, no one knows. We want to exceed in life but no one is clear about the goal they want to reach. We are just following the crowd and we also make our kids a part of this race and put them into unnecessary pressure from the very childhood.

“I want to be an IAS” Their kid had told me once.

“What is an IAS?” I had asked and the kid had no idea about it.

The parents had imbibed it so well in his mind that he wants to be an IAS. Such kids do not even get to explore their own interests and end up being dissatisfied in their career. They surely get the best jobs in the country but still are not happy with it. They always keep wondering as to why they are so dissatisfied with their life.

Their life is like walking a trek and reaching the destination which is desired by others not by them. The undue pressure of the parents and the school is making the minds of kids work like a robot which is well trained to follow the instructions but is too scared to explore life.

Why can’t the schools and parents teach their kids the importance of things which actually matter for their happiness? Why do we prepare them to run this never-ending race of coming first in class and excelling in job?

As the size of the school bags of the kids is increasing so is the size of their spectacles. They are either studying or are in front of screen (mobile/tv/laptop).

Every other day we hear a news about students succumbing to this pressure and committing suicide. Many of the students fall prey to mental illnesses like Depression, Anxiety etc. Is this an age to be depressed? What is the depression about? For not becoming an IITian or a doctor? Should we be satisfied with this kind of life that we are gifting to our kids?

We really need to have a thought on this if we want our kids to realize the true sense of living a happy and soulful life. We need to work towards giving our kids a blissful life without undue stress to run and run.


PC: Anukampa Sharma (@astralrover_)

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