When you finish a book, you are not the same person that you were before reading it. A book impacts our personality to the extent that we cannot imagine. This is the reason for the increasing sales of the books which bring positivity and motivate you. Every good book stores a magic within itself and leaves an everlasting impact on the readers’ minds. Let’s see the reasons how it happens:

  • Connection: The story of the book makes an invisible connection with the reader’s mind. They start to co-relate with the story and the happenings. The readers start to imagine the things they could have done in that similar situation and accordingly it effects their way of thinking and makes them think broader in the way story takes turn in the book.
  • Introspection: Books give a chance to the reader to introspect about themselves through various ways like from the protagonist’s role in the book or the teachings in the book. The readers feel the urge to explore themselves, to think out of the box, to look at things from the other angles too.
  • Effect On Sub-conscious Mind: Books have a great effect on the sub-conscious mind. The things which happened in the past, the feelings which we suppressed, the situations which we avoided. We move on but all these remain dumped somewhere in the sub-conscious mind. The books make us realize the importance of expression and relieve us from the burden of these sub-conscious memories.
  • Confrontation with reality: Books take us to an imaginary world away from today’s materialistic world and artificiality. They confront us with the realities, real emotions and the things that actually matter in life. They help us see beyond the curtain that covers our mind when we get too much involved in the worldly things.
  • Decision Making: Many a times when we are stuck in a situation in life, books come to our rescue. They suggest and guide us to take a decision in life. They give a clarity of thought and helps us quantify the pros and cons of a particular decision. Just the way, Bhagwat Gita stores the solution to every problem in life because it gives the readers a clear perspective of the situation and its solution. Books also help us to find strength within ourselves to do things which we want to do and take decisions accordingly.

Books are your greatest friends. They teach us things in a unique way and never leave us alone. A person is never alone when he/she has a book in hand. The books have the same impact on the reader’s mind as a friend/guardian can have on you. That why, pen is said to be a powerful weapon which can leave everlasting impression on a reader’s mind.


PC: Anukampa Sharma (@astralrover_) 

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