Who is the best judge of our life? Who is the best judge of our situations? The one who goes through it or the one who is watching from a distance? The one who goes through a situation knows exactly how it feels and what could be the best thing to do at that very moment.

Whatever decision you take in life there is always someone who watches you.That someone tells you things, guides you and helps you take a decision. That someone is you. You are the best one to decide in a particular situation. You are the one who sees things so closely and know minute details. “Yes, I did this right. This was so perfect” Or “I could have done better, I never do things right.” Both of them are our own thoughts. Me telling myself that this world is a beautiful place or this is such an imperfect place to thrive. Both these opposite thoughts are my own thoughts. You always have a positive or a negative opinion about the situations you go through. In fact, you are your biggest motivator.

It all depends on your attitude to see life. If you are determined to thrive difficult situations, no one can de-motivate you from your path. A self-motivated soul is the toughest competitor for anyone because it competes with no-one else but own-self. Such people try to improve and do not lose hope when they fail to do things. They get up again with more enthusiasm and zeal and proceed towards their goal with all their might.

Failures give them a challenge, a push and make the path of life more interesting rather than discouraging them to leave their dreams mid-way. Everyone has tough moments in life and it all depends on our own attitude whether we motivate or de-motivate ourselves.

To live life on your own terms you need to have your own terms accepted by yourself first and to strongly believe in them. There is no perfect life but fulfilling our dreams and living life as we want, we can add more happy moments to this imperfect yet perfect life.


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