You gather the courage sometimes a bit late but you do. It comes to you when it has to. The courage to take a step, a decision, to safegaurd yourself and your dreams. The courage to be alone, to be self-dependent when you need to. It does come with time, with experience and with patience.

You become in-charge of your happiness. You stop depending on anyone else for it. There comes a time when you feel the liberty. The liberty from your own thoughts, your self-created boundaries in the mind. You realize that you are not in the prison of your thoughts anymore and you can live as you want. You understand that no one was ever stopping you and holding you back. It was you,  keeping yourself tied in all the strings and self-created boundaries.

This is the real freedom and its an awesome feeling, an addiction. Once you live this feeling, you realize your true self and you yearn to live this way forever. You cease to go back to your earlier self. In a dark room, you may be misguided about the space in the room but once the light is switched on, the realization comes that it is not a small room but a much bigger hall you are standing in. Once enlightened, you can never go back to your earlier self because this is what enlightenment is meant for. Its for forever.

-Rooprashi (Author of The Girl Who Saw It All)

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Management Executive and blogger, Rooprashi is an individual brimming with stories. She is an HR Professional who works in GAIL (India) Ltd., a Maharatna Public-Sector Unit (PSU). Her debut book “The Girl Who Saw It All” has created waves across nation and is receiving great response from the readers all over India including Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu and Mr. Satya Pal Jain (Additional Solicitor General Of India).The first prints were sold within two months of its launch and reviews are all filled with wonderful remarks. The book has received positive coverage from different media (newspapers, tv and radio). Know more about the book on Amazon


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