Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves? Sometimes, we find it easier to forgive others but we fail at forgiving ourselves. There are situations in life which do not turn out as expected. Since our mind is so much conditioned for things to turn out as we want, we are unable to accept the truth and start considering ourselves responsible for the failure. We keep carrying the load of this guilt in our conscience.

We may seem like a normal happy person to the world but deep inside we burn in our own guilt. Why does it happen? Why can’t we consider ourselves as normal human who can err, who can not predict things, who is not responsible for all the reasoning and the surprises life has in store for us.

The things which happen to us are carried with us throughout our life, changing our personalities and the perception of the world from time to time. Some call it getting matured with age; some say that we grow up while some call it experience. It is all the load we carry on our mind just like carrying a sack full of unwanted things on the back. We carry this baggage of emotions and self blaming with us. We forget to be kind with ourselves, to expect less from ourselves and end up becoming a person which we never were.

We need to remember that whatever we do in a situation at a particular time is the best we can do. Whether we do it with all the thinking and wisdom or not, it would have been the best thing to happen at that time. So, we should not regret about it. We always try to do the best that we can so why to blame yourself later on. Just let things play out, what’s supposed to happen will happen. We don’t have to carry the blame and load on our souls.

Once we learn to forgive ourselves and not to over-think the issues, life becomes easier. Then why not practise it and live life as it is destined to be. Let go of the things meant to break you and thank God for this beautiful life.

-Rooprashi (Author Of The Girl Who Saw It All)

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Management Executive and blogger, Rooprashi is an individual brimming with stories. She is an HR Professional who works in GAIL (India) Ltd., a Maharatna Public-Sector Unit (PSU). Her debut book “The Girl Who Saw It All” has created waves across nation and is receiving great response from the readers all over India including Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu and Mr. Satya Pal Jain (Additional Solicitor General Of India).The first prints were sold within two months of its launch and reviews are all filled with wonderful remarks. The book has received positive coverage from different media (newspapers, tv and radio). Know more about the book on Amazon


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